White Pearl Accessories for Every Occasion

If you want to have that demure conservative yet sexy look, think Audrey Hepburn of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  Audrey Hepburn, a legendary style icon, is always remembered wearing those lovely layers of classy white pearls that it became her trademark piece.  White pearl accessories became the epitome of  “pure elegance and grace” that Breakfast at Tiffany’s wedding themes became very popular with brides and grooms to be.

White Pearl Accessories for Every OccasionIt has also been a tradition for brides to wear white pearls during her wedding day because it is a symbol of love and marriage. However, the key for a modern and chic look is to put on more than one strand of white pearls to make it a statement piece.

If you think that white pearls are outdated and only belong in your grandmother’s jewelry box or worn only on your wedding day, think again. During the Spring/Summer 2013 Chanel fashion show, white pearls were seen everywhere. Not only did they use it as an accessory but also embellished it on their expensive collection of clothes. Jenny Packham, a popular British designer, used elegant white pearls and delicate jewels on her much-coveted gowns during the Fall 2013 fashion show.  If pearls are seen on the catwalk this season, it’s a guarantee that it would be a hot trend anytime soon.

White Pearl Accessories for Every OccasionEven if it’s seen on this season fashion shows or not, white pearls will always be a must have for every woman. Its simplicity is the reason why it will never go out of style. Another good thing about white pearls is that you can use it as your everyday accessory or during a special occasion. For a day-to-day look, wear a pair of white pearl earrings with a simple outfit and you’re good to go. For a special occasion, putting on layers of white pearl necklaces on top of a little black dress would not only make you classy but also sophisticated. White pearls will never fail to let your feminine side shine out.

White Pearl Accessories for Every OccasionIf you’re in doubt of spending money for an elegant set of white pearls, don’t fret because there are a lot of stores who sell white pearls at a very affordable price.  Aside from that, the prices of white pearls are based on their type, size, luster and shape so consumers can easily choose the ones they can afford. So why not buy yourself a timeless white pearl jewelry that you will surely wear everyday.


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