What to Look for in Gold and Colored Gemstones

Pure gold is usually of 24 karats. In order to increase the durability and hardness of this precious metal, it is usually mixed with other metals to form an alloy. Though this is true, pure gold is usually the most expensive since it is the finest. In gold jewelry, 18 karats mean that the jewel contains 75% of gold, 14 karats 58% and 10 karats 42% of gold. The higher the percentage of pure gold in any piece of jewelry, the higher its value in the market in terms of dollars.

What to Look for in Gold and Colored GemstonesJewelry made of a higher percentage of gold is finer, softer and more yellow in color than those of lower karats mixed with other metals. Some of the metals that can be mixed with gold are silver, copper and zinc among others. Buyers who have so much acid in their bodies or those who are allergic to certain metals should find out the specific metals that are mixed with their jewelry. This is due to the fact that the jewelry can be discolored by acids and they can react to the metals respectively.

What to Look for in Gold and Colored GemstonesGold jewelry is available in so many designs and styles to choose from; it is important to note that generic gold jewelry cost much less than designer gold jewelry due to the branding with the specific designer name. A good golden jewelry of high quality should have its manufacturer and value of karats embossed on it, its karat value must be listed on the receipt to be issued to the buyer and ultimately, the buyer should know if the piece is susceptible to any damages in future before purchasing it.

What to Look for in Gold and Colored GemstonesColored gemstones are faceted for clarity and brilliance that enable light to pass through them. They can be plastic, glass or any other laboratory manufactured stone of a lower value. These stones are synthetic and thus cannot be as rare as their natural counterparts such as gold and diamond. They have to be treated in order for their durability and general appearance to be enhanced significantly. Though the process of treating these synthetic stones can lower their market value, it is always important to take good care of them for durability and so they keep their shape.

What to Look for in Gold and Colored GemstonesThe buyer must always find out whether the jewelry they intend to buy is natural or an imitation and whether they are treated or not. In addition, they should know how to use the magnifier that is used to check if the jewel’s content is damaged or if it has inclusions. Doing a proper research and comparisons is the key to finding the finest jewelry in the market at a good price.

What to Look for in Gold and Colored Gemstones


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