Wedding Ring Hand, Right to Your Heart

We always see that women usually wear their ring on the left hand, or right hand in the same finger. The finger where the ring is attached for women is right after the pinky finger from left and right. You may have seen women and men wear it in the other ring, but you will not say that the ring indicates the marital status by using the wedding ring hand. Having ring to sign the marital status is not a new thing, since medieval history this has been done. If you are following my post about the claddagh ring, you will see that the ring have been used to sign the marital status, even more, it says whether the girl taken, engaged and not just the marital status.
wedding ring hand
Then, why today’s theme is the wedding ring hand? All right, this is because I want to give a basic knowledge about the history on why people start to use the ring finger, now it is even named so. Based on the information that I get, people on that days believe that there is certain vein in the ring finger that flow directly to the heart. Therefore, the tie or the ring should be placed there to tie the heart and showing the promise to always stick with the one who has the rings. A pretty good reasoning and I like the philosophy, that’s why I share it here. Since the vein is directly flow to heart, and when it tied with the ring, it will close the heart to another feeling. So be careful for you who often take off their ring, the eyes of the heart is opened, be careful that you may fall to other people.
wedding ring hand ring
So, actually the wedding ring hand have a deep philosophy and meaning. Just say the ring finger is the eye which will directly connect the heart, then it is closed with the ring. So, people can keep faith full when wearing the ring. In contrast, if someone bravely take off his ring, it means trouble, that may he fall to another woman.
wedding ring hand for women


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