Unique wedding bands Plays with Pattern and Design

Back to my sum up review on the wedding band for men. I have reviewed to best two favorite wedding band from the white gold and platinum design. And I will get you to take a peek on the unique wedding bands. Frankly speaking it’s a bit hard to define the unique design especially for men. Why I said that? Since men is quite hard in design. They love the plain design, because too much design will make them looks so girly. Therefore, to get something unique yet manly, designer needs to think a lot how to make a perfect design without giving the too much effect on the rings. Fortunately, there is no end in creativity, and there is always way out for anything, so here some of the unique wedding band for men that can be done in the band.
unique wedding bands
Band models have the width for about 10mm and more. This so actually so advantageous for the designer to do something more and unique. To make a unique wedding band, we can get the uniqueness from the surface of the rings. Designers nowadays are so exelect in playing with texture. I have seen a unique wedding band that have trashed can surface on it and it looks so unique just like a fish skin. And then I also have seen how the designer used the sands surface to make the rings look different and reduce the flashy color. They combine the sand surface with the rope alike design which make it looks so expensive. The unique design doesn’t stop, the surface games is continued with the wood alike, so I guess it likes a woods being coated with silver cat. You can imagine that.
unique wedding bands wood
The unique wedding bands can also be obtained by playing with pattern on it.if your spouse loves oriental design, you may look for the dragon patterned or any other luck symbol patterned on the ring. That surely will be the unique wedding bands ever. But if that’s too much, you may find the plant pattern on that by still keep the silver color on it. The more unique the pattern, the more unique the overall design of the wedding band.
unique wedding bands dragon


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