Platinum wedding bands Still on Men review

Hi, I’ now trying to give theme in each day that I posted some postings.As today is the last day on 2012, a special occasion has been decided and that is the male day for me. I who loves jewelry will take my time to give the best review on the male’s jewelry especially the bridal jewelry. I have reviewed the bridal jewelry for women, so I hope this can make the whole blog and posts become a bit balance. And my eyes are now stuck on the Platinum wedding bands and I give the still on men review as the continuous action from the previous 2 posts that I made this day. So are you ready to head op the tips on the platinum wedding band?
platinum wedding bands with diamond
Allright, you may have know that platinum is the highest metal that usually can be used to make jewelry. It has the white gold color but the quality is slightly better than any white gold. Therefore if you are coming to the web store of a famous designer you may will see that if you choose the platinum as the wedding band the price will suddenly arise. The best metal is usually paired with the best gemstones. Therefore, I really suggest you to choose the best diamond to be paired with the highly priced metal. You know the reason right, it will be waste to attach the CZ diamond for example to a precious platinum wedding band. If you want to combine, especially for the investment, try to combine the best with the best, then you will really make what so called as investment.
platinum wedding bands
And what kind of gemstones that could really fit the platinum wedding bands for men? Allright, since men don’t like the diamond so much, I mean they love for investment but not to wear that, while we know men should wear wedding band, we can select a diamond that give dime and elegant light. With that kind of design, the diamond will not to much grab the attention of public. You can guess it right? It can be the black diamond in 1-2 carat and brilliant diamond. So they can get the investment while wearing the wedding band comfortably.
platinum wedding bands sands


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