Mens wedding band Metal Palladium Collection

I guess some of you are not familiar with Palladium which is used to be a mens wedding band material. I firstly also not really know about this kind of metal, but this metal give more advantages for the customers as well as designer. This metal is introduced even before platinum, which is considred to be the most expensive metal today, as at 1930 Platinum is only used for the military only. Palladium is less expensive than platinum and 18K white gold, yet having the same color with that. The innovation of using Paladium is opening a door to a affordable wedding ring in a popular white gold colors. So, how’s the mens wedding band that made from the family of Platinum, the Palladium design?
mens wedding band
So, the mens wedding band should be strong, resistant and anti-scratching, those kind of requirement can be done with the palladium wedding band. The design of mens wedding band from Palladium is served by goldsmith store, a famous jeweler in UK. I’m not sure whether US country’s design has the palladium wedding band, but you may order online from UK if you are really interested. Amazom is apparently sell this out too. Then, the pictures shown in this blog is the selection of the Palladium wedding band that is provided by All the design have the same taste with the white gold setting. The 429 Pounds sterling design is fancy and have the same shine with the white gold.This fancy white palladium setting have the unique pattern, but the plain design as the classic style is still available for you who want to keep the style of classic and conservative.
mens wedding band circle
The next two design shown are the most unique palladium mens wedding band. They have the engraved style, or the most suitable words to describe the picture could be the pattern on the band. As we know the width of the band is about 6-10 mm, in plain design that would be boring. But with this circle and diagonal pattern, the wedding band which cost 400 to 700 pounds are so interesting.So, have you any idea about the palladium ring?
mens wedding band diagonal


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