Mens titanium wedding bands Always COI

Well, the tittle should clearly give you the clear idea on this day. When I asked to make a review on mens titanium wedding bands, my thought will always go to COI titanium wedding band maker. What else, and what other jewelry that can do the titanium making finely like COI? I guess none can beat this company, therefore my review will be still around this product.I will focus my titanium wedding bands on the black titanium, because I always prefer the black titanium over the other titanium. Well if you want me to review that, let me know by leaving comments bellow.
mens titanium wedding bands
You will find plenty craved rings over there include the Abyss Black and enameled men’s titanium wedding band. This design has a black color with two red stripes above and bellows the surface of the ring. The submariner-black is designed like a tyre, there are some holes on the wedding band. The next one is the taboo black two tone custom which has carved urban jungle in the surface all in black. The innovation of the previous one is tattoo dome black and colored has craved urban jungle in blue, so from far it looks like a dragon engraved there.
mens titanium wedding bands square
The other Men’s titanium weddings bands are well designed by Coi titanium. Claimed to be a designer which produce rings in handmade, this designer provide COI Titanium rings with Swarovski, diamond or even a craved black titanium ring. The black ring give the masculine vibe on everyone who wear this. You can choose the one with Swarovski on the centre of the ring as the joint, or one diamond that is attached in the centre of the band. If you don’t like some thing shiny like diamonds or Swarovski, you can choose the craved ones. COI as the well known designer has several designs include the COI black titanium deer track craved in the band, square tiled band, name craved or just a plain ring with one line divide the ring into two parts.So, which design that you prefer to be worn in the wedding day? You should be carefully select the best ring that match the concept of wedding day.
mens titanium wedding bands pattern


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