Male wedding bands Platinum Vs Palladium Metals

When we are talking about male wedding bands, we shouldn’t forget the most popular metal that usually made into a wedding band. The first place is always the platinum design, but we shouldn’t forget the family of platinum with a really similar color which is Palladium. This metal is introduced even before platinum, which is considered to be the most expensive metal today, as at 1930 Platinum is only used for the military only. Palladium is less expensive than platinum and 18K white gold, yet having the same color with that. The innovation of using Paladium is opening a door to a affordable wedding ring in a popular white gold colors.
male wedding bands
So, the male wedding band should be strong, resistant and anti-scratching, those kind of requirement can be done with the palladium wedding band. Even though we know well that Platinum may be the best metal with the most expensive price. The design of mens wedding band from Palladium and Platinum  is served by goldsmith store, a famous jeweler in UK. If you want the most easy shipping, I guess you should try to visit Amazon. com for having the comparison in price and in model for the Platinum and palladium metals.
male wedding bands engraved
The next two design shown are the most unique palladium male wedding band. SInce the color and the characteristics of the palladium and platinum metal are the same, what can be designed by the platinum design can be also designed by palladium. The characteristic of white futuristic and the anty-corosive is well served by the Platinum design. The minus of palladium setting wedding band is that the corrosive grade of palladium is stronger, so the possibility for the palladium to get old and the color is fading is somehow bigger than its older sister of platinum.Well, the breakthrough to have more alternatives for the platinum designs should be appreciated. More people wear the white colored design in jewelry. Even though some of us can’t tell which one is white gold, platinum, palladium, or even the tungsten that become favorite for the best price that being offered for the strong wedding band.
male wedding bands platinum


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