Jewelry Shopping Tips For Men

Jewelry was for a long time considered the reserve of women, but this does not mean that men can’t wear them. Well thought out jewelry pieces can go a long way in refining a man’s style and causing him to stand out from the crowd. It might be that extra factor you have been seeking to add to your look.

Jewelry Shopping Tips For Men

The quantity of jewelry and quality however should be carefully thought out to make sure you don’t across as making a statement that you don’t actually mean to make (pimp, gay, you get the drift…)! The following are some savvy tips you should keep in mind on the type of jewelry to get and how to choose it.

1.      Watches

These might not fall into everyone’s definition of jewelry but a nice watch is a great fashion accessory and is in that sense of the word, jewelry. When it comes to picking watches, allow your personality to shine through.

Jewelry Shopping Tips For Men

Big and bold however is usually a better choice for the man who wants to catch the eye. If you can afford to add a couple of diamonds to it, even better!

  1. 2.      Bracelets

Men’s bracelets are significantly different from those that women wear in that they are usually much slimmer and not as glittery. There are a wide variety of bracelets you could choose from; from a single solid piece made from precious metals with a clasp to chain link bracelets to even beaded ones.  While many of such bracelets are somewhat unisex and can be worn by ladies, make sure their design is not predominantly feminine.

Jewelry Shopping Tips For Men

  1. 3.      Necklaces

A collared shirt that has an open first button worn with a well thought out necklace (if you don’t know where to start decorative crosses are a classic you can’t go wrong with) is an incredibly stylish look. Go for precious metals where possible as their unmistakable glint will definitely catch the eye.

Jewelry Shopping Tips For Men

You could also go for long necklaces, those that look like a dog tag. These are great for guys who like wearing body hugging t-shirts. Remember though, as with everything else, moderation is key.

  1. 4.      Earrings

You might not be able to get away with this in a highly professional workplace, but if you can, a single diamond stud is a classic. There are those who prefer to wear earrings on both ears, this is a matter of personal preference, the choice is yours!

Jewelry Shopping Tips For Men


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