Harry Winston Wedding Rings, Solitaire Diamonds Setting

Harry Winston one of the well known jeweler has several stunning solitaire Diamond Style.Looking for the luxurious and elegant Harry winston wedding rings, this is the best place to go. I always impressed in the schedule an appointment button in every design displayed. It shows the great care from the jeweler to the buyer-to-be. The diamond used in the Harry Winston designs mostly in white color. I guess Harry Winston wants to keep the sacred vibe in every wedding ring displayed. Since the appointment button is available, I guess customer can make a deal about the diamond or other slight change on design to make it more personal for the couple.
harry winston wedding rings round cut
Today, just like the title let’s look into harry winston wedding rings which will focus on the solitaire diamond setting. In this design we have the Harry Winston Round Brilliant Solitaire design, well that’s the name attached under a beautiful and stunning engagement ring. This ring is claimed to have 3.01 carats in a tapered platinum setting. The center of the ring is in round cut and has a really bright spark. The diamond is called the brilliant diamond that is famous for the inside cut which will give multi-directions light over this ring. I love how this ring only shines with the center of the ring. Harry Winston keeps the solitaire as plain as possible and make the center of the ring really the attention grabber. The solitaire ring makes the woman looks so elegant and pure. The one who use the really sparkling ring with round brilliant on every inch of the ring frame will got luxury and noble sense. They could be called like second Marie Antoinette, but wearing this solitaire design you will be Princess Diana looks alike, stunning in her simplicity.
harry winston wedding rings
The harry winston wedding rings are available in two kind of models. The first one is the round cut which I described before and the second one is the emerald cut. Two of them set in a plain platinum ring and still show the pure and sincere love. I prefer the first edition because the carat is bigger. The emerald cut has only 1.81 carats.Wants bigger center? Check this out!
harry winston wedding rings lotus rings


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