Fast Facts to Know Before Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Fast Facts to Know Before Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

You just found your soul mate and now the only thing keeping you from sealing the deal is a proposal that will sweep her off her feet. Men, as we know, aren’t the ones who are really intellectually equipped in choosing the right engagement ring. As long as it has that big sparkling diamond rock that women drool over, they’ll buy it in an instant without even checking the quality and the design. For some, they paid a hefty amount of money expecting for a true genuine diamond but ended up with a fake sparkly rock instead. No one wants to be fooled and end up proposing to your soon-to-be fiancé with a fake ring.

Fast Facts to Know Before Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring So before buying an engagement ring that will probably change your life, know the facts first.  First, find out what kind of jewelries she like. Does she prefer silver or gold? Does she like classic jewelry or bold statement jewelry? Be knowledgeable of what she likes or dislikes in jewelries. Second, choose a design that will look good with her hands. If her fingers are short, opt for rings with an elongated diamond to make her fingers look sleek. If her fingers are long, a bold ring style is a good choice. Third, avoid buying a ring that doesn’t fit by knowing her ring size. You may ask someone close to her to help you out or just secretly borrow one of her rings and get it sized. Fourth, allot a certain budget for your purchase. Buying a real diamond engagement ring will not be cheap. Save up and budget your resources because splurging on the perfect diamond engagement ring is all worth it.

Fast Facts to Know Before Buying a Diamond Engagement RingAnother important thing to know is if the diamond is real or not. The easiest and most reliable way to know if it’s real and genuine is to have a trustworthy jeweler to check it. Though it is reliable, it isn’t the most convenient way and you need to pay for the service. If you’re still canvassing and looking around, there are a few simple ways to check if it’s real thing. Compare the diamond with a glass or quartz. A real diamond has a higher refractory index thus will sparkle more compared to glass or quartz. If you see rainbow reflections on the diamond, it’s probably a low-class diamond or a fake. You can also try fogging the diamond by putting it in front of your mouth. If the fog stays for a couple of seconds, it’s probably a fake diamond. A real diamond will instantly clear up by the time you look at it.

Fast Facts to Know Before Buying a Diamond Engagement RingNow that you know the important facts when buying a genuine diamond ring, you can now be confident to propose to your soon-to-be-wife.



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