Double wedding ring quilt, Unique Floral and Left Over Materials

Happy New Year folks, well today we are in a new day of 2013, new year for a better live. Don’t you agree with me? All right after I made a sum up report on several design and models that I have done during few months of blogging,now it’s a time to start a fresh item, begin with a new brand that never been here before, or looking for something new to be presented for you. Since this is still quite cold for us, I guess we need some thick blanket to cover up. Especially for you the new bride and groom, it’s quite good to think about a new blanket that has double wedding ring quilt, and I will review unique designs for you.
double wedding ring quilt
I suppose that you are ready to make a handmade Double wedding ring quilt, so every design is up to you. Or if you want to order handmade quilt, then you may refer to this review on the wedding ring quilt. The first design is the floral pattern that is drawn into a circle and unify them into a design of the double wedding ring quilt. The inside circle if you zoom in the design, you will see the hidden unique design and sweet romance of the floral pattern on it. This is really suitable for you who are in a newly weed mood. The next design that can boost up your creativity is making a a quilt pattern in circle of course using the leftover materials from tailors. You can get this leftover in a really cheap price. A little creativity just like this factory will produce a really unique Double wedding ring quilt as well as reduce the amount of trash in our environment. This is a wise choice for you, you can get the quilt in affordable price and participate in the saving environment rally.
double wedding ring quilt floral
That’s all my review on Double wedding ring quilt, especially in floral pattern and left over materials. Don’t always think that a expensive design is all that you need. You are who need to make anything looks expensive, so, keep your creativity and show to the world that you can have the best things.
double wedding ring quilt bud


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