Celtic Wedding Rings – Unique and Antique Design

Celtic is really known for the unique engraved style of rings. One of that is the the claddagh ring or widely known with the heart and crown ring. Some days ago I have gone with the meaning of the unique design of the claddagh ring and I have mentioned that this ring could also deliver message about the current marriage status of the woman wearing this.

Since this is a modern way, I don’t think people will believe to the message delivered by how you wear the ring. Instead, we have this ring to make us proud of the Irish heritage and respect the design. Therefore, some kind of innovation is done to make this ring more and more popular. Perhaps people should know that thing ring could also be used as the celtic wedding rings.
celtic wedding ring claddagh
The point of celtic wedding rings are the models that the engraved part is cut exactly on the shape of the engraved part. I have reviewed this before that celtic has the design of simple and minimalism. This is because almost all of the rings do not have any stones or gems on it. Even just a small brilliant diamonds are not attached. Quite reasonable because the rings already have the engraved part that if you add some stones or gems will make it too much. The design will not elegant anymore. Beside, the engraved part seems do not give any space to make the diamond shine there. Really wonderful design can be done in a very unique way, just like the celtic wedding rings. Even though the ring on this design has a center ring, the center don not have diamond, instead they only give the shape of circle. Well, to my surprise, this is so wonderful, and stone will just disturb the unique and antique concept.
celtic wedding ring
So, basically there are two kind of celtic rings that really unique and antique, worth to be worn as the celtic wedding rings. I suggest if you love your irish bold, irish culture and the like, having these rings would be very lovely on your wedding day.
celtic wedding rings models


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