Celtic Wedding Bands Gaelic Designs

If you happen to have Irish blood, your spouse might come from Ireland or you two just a really hard fan of sort of historical romance book that usually potrays life of people in Ireland, you may want to have the celtic wedding bands as the wedding ring on your special day. The Irish wedding bands are usually having a really deep meanings. I searched out many of Irish or Celtic wedding bands seller and I quite satisfied with MyIrishJewelry.Com. As the importer of Irish wedding band. They have a quite complete design, even the one that I previously have no idea at all, and the rings are available in white, yellow gold, two colors, with trim and without trim.

There are actually a lot of design from Claddagh, Gaelic, Book of Kells, Celtic knot, Trinity, Warrior, Celtic Cross wedding ring, Newgrange, Ogham design. They also provide metals such as Palladium, Platinum, gold and diamonds design.
celtic wedding bands
To celebrate the New Year, I want to review on of the design of Celtic Wedding Band. A for today I will just pick one of the design that for me looks so adorable which is the Gaelic Wedding band. What is Gaelic by the way. This is a band that have native language engraved on the body of the rings. They usually engraved the mother tongue language, as it is not really popular anymore. The Celtic script that I take in this review is the popular Mo Anam Cara. Can I guess the meaning? It is not stated in the website but I’m pretty sure that the meaning is I love you. So, you will have the traditional wedding band as well as the deep meaning delivered.
celtic wedding bands yellow
The Celtic script that is engraved on the body of the Celtic Wedding bands is not just Mon Anam Cara, there are a lot more like Gra Go Deo. And don’t expect that Irish using our alphabet, they have their own, so for far, the rings look so adorable, unique and classy. The ring is available in trim or without trim. The engraved words are closed by the rope alike picture on that. This makes the classy design looks more thick on the wedding band.
celtic wedding bands trim two tones


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