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How to Clean Sterling Silver Jewelry

Do you have some sterling jewelry that is beginning to lose its luster? Don’t worry, you can make your jewelry look like new again by following these steps on how to clean sterling jewelry.

More than make it into a new look, you will be able to take care of the jewelry, so you can have it in more durable way. The black discoloring silver gets when it is exposed to the air that really unavoidable. It’s really the chemicals in the air that are reacting with the silver when you are wearing it everyday, well even when you save it in a high humidity the black discoloring is really unavoidable.  Many things cause silver to tarnish, including wool, rubber, latex, some perfumes, onions, eggs and the natural oils from your hands. Choose from several home remedies to remove the tarnish and bring back the shine to your silver that looks new.
how to clean sterling silver jewelry
Alright, why don’t we just come straight to they way how to clean sterling jewelry? This is to make your favorite jewelry become so shiny again, and you can wear it as much as you want. This several steps can be done in the house without some futuristic technology. It’s very simple, you just need to get the things needed. So are you ready? These steps are taken from ehow, where people usually post instructions on how to do something. You need heat-proof glass, baking soda, aluminum foil, table salt, soft cloth and tooth paste. First thing, Line the bottom of a heat-proof glass or plastic dish with aluminum foil, shiny side up. Add 1 tbsp. baking soda, 1 tbsp. salt and 1 gallon boiling water and stir.

Immediately put the silver pieces in the dish, making sure they’re completely submerged and touching the foil. When the tarnish is gone, rinse the silver in warm water, dry and buff with a soft cloth. This method isn’t recommended for silver jewelry that also has pearls, gems or other metals.For jewelry and other items that can’t be dunked in boiling water, straight baking soda is best. Mix a tbsp. of baking soda with just enough water to make a thick paste. Gently rub the paste on the silver, rinse with warm water and polish dry with a soft cloth. Or, use plain white toothpaste to clean tarnish from silver. Coat the silver with a thin layer of toothpaste, add a few drops of water and work it into a foam. For stubborn tarnish in tiny crevices, use an extra-soft toothbrush. Rinse under warm water, dry and buff to shine.
how to clean sterling silver
See the steps on how to clean sterling silver, they are pretty simple isn’t?

If you’re worried about damaging your jewelry when cleaning it by hand, or want to save time, you should consider buying an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner machine. This machines can be used to clean sterling and other kinds of jewelry quickly, effectively and safely.