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Creative handmade jewelry design from Etsy

Hi folks, it’s been a while since I review some jewelry especially from Etsy right? Well, since i have done several review for the rings, wedding rings, engagement and other bridal stuff, we don’t we see the unique and colorful design that is usually provided by Etsy? Don’t you think we need to refresh our mind from the bridal stuff that yes, it’s so beautiful but the formality of the design sometimes remind me to some kind of work on school, we akind of feeling. Then why don’t we see some creative handmade jewelry design from Etsy who will make us feel so bright today. let’s check.

creative handmade jewelry flower

creative handmade jewelry flower

Allright, the creative handmade jewelry design can be obtained in Etsy as this jewelry house claimed to be the center of handmade jewelry. I think the handmade word is enough to stated that this house of jewelry got the creative handmade stuff. I have been here for charm and bracelet models, and feel so satisfied with the unique form and never been seen models. Then, as I hit the jewelry category on Etsy website, we can see that this will provide you the best and the colorful, unique design. And my eyes is stuck on the title of eco friendly necklaces which I bet will be so wonderful in color, design, and from what kind of material that is used by etsy so they are claiming the necklace as the one which is ecofrienly. Oh well, when I saw the models and the design, this eco-friendly label is for the recycle materials. Etsy brings the natural materials, and then the recycle materials are used to make the design of necklaces. As the result, we can get the handmade jewelry which look so natural and surely will be really attractive for you who love handmade things.
creative handmade jewelry denim

creative handmade jewelry denim

Having the creative handmade jewelry design is really wonderful for you folks. This etsy stores still got a lot of design and models that will meet your taste. The eco-friendly necklace is just one of so many wonderful designs from Etsy. DOn’t you believe me, well just hit the official webstore of Etsy.
creative handmade jewelry glass

creative handmade jewelry glass

Double wedding ring quilt, Unique Floral and Left Over Materials

Happy New Year folks, well today we are in a new day of 2013, new year for a better live. Don’t you agree with me? All right after I made a sum up report on several design and models that I have done during few months of blogging,now it’s a time to start a fresh item, begin with a new brand that never been here before, or looking for something new to be presented for you. Since this is still quite cold for us, I guess we need some thick blanket to cover up. Especially for you the new bride and groom, it’s quite good to think about a new blanket that has double wedding ring quilt, and I will review unique designs for you.
double wedding ring quilt
I suppose that you are ready to make a handmade Double wedding ring quilt, so every design is up to you. Or if you want to order handmade quilt, then you may refer to this review on the wedding ring quilt. The first design is the floral pattern that is drawn into a circle and unify them into a design of the double wedding ring quilt. The inside circle if you zoom in the design, you will see the hidden unique design and sweet romance of the floral pattern on it. This is really suitable for you who are in a newly weed mood. The next design that can boost up your creativity is making a a quilt pattern in circle of course using the leftover materials from tailors. You can get this leftover in a really cheap price. A little creativity just like this factory will produce a really unique Double wedding ring quilt as well as reduce the amount of trash in our environment. This is a wise choice for you, you can get the quilt in affordable price and participate in the saving environment rally.
double wedding ring quilt floral
That’s all my review on Double wedding ring quilt, especially in floral pattern and left over materials. Don’t always think that a expensive design is all that you need. You are who need to make anything looks expensive, so, keep your creativity and show to the world that you can have the best things.
double wedding ring quilt bud

Cool necklaces for men

Trend says that men show their interest in fashion, including wearing more than one kind of jewelry. We need to look at the models that make men interested to necklace for men. Some models maybe look similar with the women’s necklace, but some other may emphasized some masculine taste for men. However, since more men love the rock star and some kid of that stuff, people aware that necklace may become the must-have-item for the hardcore fans of rock music. Well right now, the rock theme is still preferable, but the one wearing necklace doesn’t mean they are hardcore fan of rock music. The theme kept so, today we can see the cool necklaces for men that is inspired from the dark side of the hard music.
cool necklaces for men
The cool necklaces for men are mostly inspired from the rockband. They have the skull patterned, gun and other weapons, they love all of those to make men look so manly. Well, I personally love a gentleman instead of those manly image, but today even the gentleman look have necklace on their neck. So, I guess a lot of things changed accordingly, that wearing necklaces among men is considered to be common. The models of the necklaces are more and more various right now to give the supply for many demands that come from market. Even the cross necklaces now are modified to give the cool taste and manly figure. To look rough, the chain necklaces are chosen and the chain selected is the simple and small chain as it will hold the charm that will give the cool vibe.Why this small and simple chains are chosen? This is because the small and simple chain will not make the charm in shadow because as we know that the charm is the core of the necklace.
cool necklaces for men unique
So, have you consider what cool necklace for men that you want to buy? Be careful to choose, because if you choose the rough design, means the one that is too rough for you, you may will have difficulties on mixing and match the necklace with your outfit. So, happy shopping.
cool necklaces for men cross

Diamond Pendant Necklaces, Luxury Design for High Class

Necklaces is one of the jewelry that can be casually worn and formally worn. We have the casualy worn models from the previous post, from silver, white gold to the rose gold. Since the necklace can do more on your outfit, you need to select carefully based on the upper outfit that you wear on that day. For example if you wear something plain and simple on the top of your body, then you may consider to have the long necklace with charm, or you just want to have a short gold necklace. The necklaces can be the important part on your outfit, it comes in set with the whole concept of your attire. To look high class and luxury, let see the diamond pendant necklaces that surely will make you shine the most on the formal party.
diamond pendant necklace
The diamond pendant necklaces come in various models and design. The diamond as a highly priced gemstones will work pretty well with the gold chains, silver chains to the rose gold design. If the color is white, we can expect the colors that can be combined broader and more in variety. The white color is a base color that surely suitable to be paired with any colors of gems. Today’s models even allow the necklace unite with the charm without buying the necklace and the pendants in a separate ways. They even can make the beads on the white gold necklaces. The white gold necklace can come to the store with so many kind of gemstones and other stuff. We have seen the necklace set for the bride right. White diamonds also can be used as the charm in the white gold, rose gold or yellow gold necklace.
diamond pendant necklace blue
There is no limit for having the models of diamond pendant necklaces. Whatever the base of the materials, the pendant necklaces will surely make you look outstanding and so wonderful. This makes the one wear this kind of necklace, no matter what colors of the gold used, white, yellow or rose will look stunning and show them the dignity of the upper class women.
diamond pendant necklace snowflake

Men’s jewelry box

Organizing jewelry properly will help ensure the jewelry endurance and it will last long until the next generation.  The right organization will also allow you to see your jewelry so you can wear it more regularly.  Here are some simple tips to getting your jewelry box worthy of the jewels you put in men’s jewelry box. I have reviewed some wooden jewelry boxes on the previous review, so these are the tips on the storing the proper jewelry for you.
mens jewelry box
First thing you need to take care of when putting your jewelry on men’s  jewelry box is never mixed up your jewelry. Always store your jewelry in a clean and dry place.  Keep your jewelry in a fabric-lined jewelry case, or in a box with numerous compartments and dividers. If you prefer to use ordinary boxes, wrap each piece individually in soft tissue paper to lower the humidity on your jewelry.   The problem with a lot of jewelry boxes is that they don’t have enough compartments and that causes your jewelry to get jumbled together, so try to buy box that suitable with your number of jewelry.  Look for a style with many little compartments over the styles that have a few larger sections.
mens jewelry box
The next thing that is important is separating your everyday jewelry and some which only come out on formal meeting. watches that is worn often can be placed it in a smaller watches box or in jewelry trays.   Find one that matches your style so you can see it everyday as the jewelry will be often used. Many women don’t wear their beautiful pieces of jewelry because of accessing them is difficult.  Keeping jewelry accessible will help you find what you need and remind you of what you have on your collection.  Keep in mind however, that a secure safe is still your best bet for your precious jewelry.
To do those simple tips would be very beneficial for you and you can get the benefit of having men’s jewelry box maximally.The most importantly your watches, rings, tie rings and everything that should be kept well, is being organized well.
mens jewelry box for watches