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What it Takes to Purchase Top-notch Ruby Jewelry

Rubies are minerals of the corundum family that are red in color. What makes this gemstone splendid is the fact that it comes in an array of shades of the color red. Colors ranging from the lighter shades of red to darker tones are considered the natural ruby gemstones. They also come in various other color undertones such as casts of purple that make the stone not just unique but also add charm to any jewelry it is made of. The fact that this gemstone is continually in demand worldwide is due to the fact that it is available in a color shade that is universally recognized and associated with passion and love.

The most significant and distinct feature of ruby is the fact that it is not just hard but also cannot easily get scratched or even defaced. Due to this fact, we can only deduce that ruby is very durable and a minor knock on it cannot negatively impact it. Since they don’t feature any inclusions, one should easily see either spots or fine lines within the stone when it is held against natural light. For top notch quality ruby, this should not be the case and if at all there should be any traces of inclusions, it should not be seen with a person’s naked eye but special instruments such as microscopes.

What it Takes to Purchase Top-notch Ruby Jewelry

Whichever the case, the presence of inclusions does not necessarily mean that the stone can easily crack. It is important to keep in mind that when one is using an appliance or is involved in strenuous work, they must not wear their piece of ruby jewelry. The amount one pays for a piece of ruby jewel is totally dependent on its quality, size as well as finishing or color. Rubies with inclusions that are visible cost less than those that are clear whereas large ones are also expensive. A large ruby with visible inclusions would definitely cost less than a smaller one that is completely clear.

Though rubies are available in various shades of the color red, those that are deep red in color such as the color of blood, are considered of the highest quality in the market. This means that they are the most expensive and the finest of all rubies. Unlike diamonds that are considered flawless, rubies are not hence one must do a lot of research and comparisons not just within one jewelry shop but amongst the various shops in order to get the best deal on the best ruby.

What it Takes to Purchase Top-notch Ruby Jewelry

What to Look for in Gold and Colored Gemstones

Pure gold is usually of 24 karats. In order to increase the durability and hardness of this precious metal, it is usually mixed with other metals to form an alloy. Though this is true, pure gold is usually the most expensive since it is the finest. In gold jewelry, 18 karats mean that the jewel contains 75% of gold, 14 karats 58% and 10 karats 42% of gold. The higher the percentage of pure gold in any piece of jewelry, the higher its value in the market in terms of dollars.

What to Look for in Gold and Colored GemstonesJewelry made of a higher percentage of gold is finer, softer and more yellow in color than those of lower karats mixed with other metals. Some of the metals that can be mixed with gold are silver, copper and zinc among others. Buyers who have so much acid in their bodies or those who are allergic to certain metals should find out the specific metals that are mixed with their jewelry. This is due to the fact that the jewelry can be discolored by acids and they can react to the metals respectively.

What to Look for in Gold and Colored GemstonesGold jewelry is available in so many designs and styles to choose from; it is important to note that generic gold jewelry cost much less than designer gold jewelry due to the branding with the specific designer name. A good golden jewelry of high quality should have its manufacturer and value of karats embossed on it, its karat value must be listed on the receipt to be issued to the buyer and ultimately, the buyer should know if the piece is susceptible to any damages in future before purchasing it.

What to Look for in Gold and Colored GemstonesColored gemstones are faceted for clarity and brilliance that enable light to pass through them. They can be plastic, glass or any other laboratory manufactured stone of a lower value. These stones are synthetic and thus cannot be as rare as their natural counterparts such as gold and diamond. They have to be treated in order for their durability and general appearance to be enhanced significantly. Though the process of treating these synthetic stones can lower their market value, it is always important to take good care of them for durability and so they keep their shape.

What to Look for in Gold and Colored GemstonesThe buyer must always find out whether the jewelry they intend to buy is natural or an imitation and whether they are treated or not. In addition, they should know how to use the magnifier that is used to check if the jewel’s content is damaged or if it has inclusions. Doing a proper research and comparisons is the key to finding the finest jewelry in the market at a good price.

What to Look for in Gold and Colored Gemstones

What you Should Know About Emerald Jewelry

Shopping for fine, exquisite and high-end jewelry pieces of top notch quality such as exotic gemstones and Colombian emeralds takes more than just walking into a store and picking a piece of jewel. One needs first hand information on the specific kind of jewelry of choice in order to settle on the best. When shopping online for the same, one would be required to do so much research and keyword based searches in order to find the exact information they need for the given product at hand. The key to purchasing the trendiest jewelry in the market is by having the right information at one’s fingertips.

What you Should Know About Emerald JewelryFinding out the product’s market prices through a thorough market research is also necessary. This ensures that one purchase the emerald product at the rightful market price without being overcharged. In order to do this, one should use search engines for their searches and make thorough price comparisons amongst different jewelry stores. A complete report on the major laboratory certificate with detailed specification on the jewel in question should also be available to the buyer at all times. The buyer should also communicate with the vendor and ask them questions. A good vendor should respond promptly to customer queries.

The quality and fineness of emerald is in its green color. The presence of inclusions in this kind of gemstone cannot compromise its value as long as its vivacious green color is not interfered with. Despite this fact, buyers should ensure that the inclusions are not deep into the stone to cause cracks or fissures when subjected to immense pressure. In addition to the price of the emerald, the four C’s that one must put into consideration are clarity, cut, color and carat of the jewel.

What you Should Know About Emerald JewelryApart from the lab certificates being offered to the buyer, the vendor should allow them to make an offer of what they are willing to pay for the given product. This will ensure that the buyer gets the item at an acceptable market price. The value of an emerald is its vivid shiny green color that makes it not just beautiful but also very transparent like the Zambian emeralds. Unlike the Colombian emeralds known for their deep greens, those from other countries such as Zambia and Zimbabwe are known to feature deep blue and yellow hues respectively.

What you Should Know About Emerald JewelryIn addition to the emerald cut for a perfect shape, charm can be added to the jewelry by studding them with either sapphires or diamonds. Oil treatment protects the jewel and it should be cleaned with a plain toothbrush with soft bristles or even a clean and moist cloth. This will ensure that jewel lasts long.

What you Should Know About Emerald Jewelry

Caring for your Sapphire Jewelry

Sapphire jewelry tends to stand daily wear and can last long. One of the many ways of ensuring that your sapphire jewelry does not lose its charm is by maintaining and caring for it daily. If you want to wear your jewelry, apply your make up and make your hair first then wear the piece. This is to avoid hair sprays and oils from damaging your sapphire. If you adhere to this, you may not have to clean your jewelry often.

Caring for your Sapphire JewelryWhen you are doing work that puts a lot of strain on your hand or finger, you may want to remove your sapphire ring or bracelet first. Sapphire is durable compared to other types of stones but you can break it if you strike it real hard. Taking off your sapphire jewelry is also advisable since it can get scratched or lose its shine with prolonged subjection to strenuous activities. Harsh chemicals can easily damage your sapphire jewelry at one go. Chlorine is one example. When you take a shower or go swimming, ensure that you take off your jewelry.

Caring for your Sapphire JewelryYou should also consider cleaning your jewelry from time to time depending on how dirty it is. Sapphire jewelry is easy to clean and all you need is a solution of warm water and liquid detergent which is mild. Soaking the piece of jewelry in the solution will help remove stubborn dirt and make it easier for you to brush it off. Use a soft brush which will not be too hard on the surface of the jewelry. After cleaning it, rinse the jewelry with clean water to get rid of the dirt and detergent. Use a clean piece of lint-free cloth to pat your jewelry dry.

Caring for your Sapphire JewelryStorage of your sapphire jewelry is equally part and parcel of taking care of it. Sapphire can crack due to sudden changes in temperature. Invest in a jewelry box and store your sapphire jewelry away from direct sunlight. Your sapphire jewelry should also be stored separately from other stones such as diamonds which might scratch its surface.

Caring for your Sapphire Jewelry

Beginners Guide To Some Semi-Precious Stones That Can Be Used In Jewelry

You are not the only one if you feel like precious stones are over-rated and much too expensive. There are quite a number of women who do not see any sense in clearing out their bank accounts simply to get a pair of diamond earrings. These women have discovered another, more cost-effective way to go about buying jewelry; opting for semi-precious stones.

Beginners Guide To Some Semi-Precious Stones That Can Be Used In JewelrySemi-precious stones are minerals just like diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires but they are not as rare as these big four and are thus much more bit more affordable. They come in a wide range of colors and possess different qualities. This article is about the most common ones that are used in making jewelry.

Beginners Guide To Some Semi-Precious Stones That Can Be Used In Jewelry1.      Jasper

Jasper is a hard mineral like quartz that comes in a range of colors but is more commonly brick red or brown. In the fourth century it was considered a rain making element while in Greek times it was believed that it would reduce a woman’s pain in childbirth of it was tied on her thigh.

Beginners Guide To Some Semi-Precious Stones That Can Be Used In JewelryNow it is mostly preferred for wearing as jewelry in the form of beads and it is quite affordable. Special care needs to be taken of it though as water is known to wash its polish. Clean your jasper with a dry piece of cloth.

2.      Turquoise

Turquoise is, as the name suggests, mainly sky blue in color though this can range to greenish and even yellow in more impure stones. It was first used by the Egyptians as jewelry in 4000 BC with the Pharaohs wearing it on their necks and was a part of the Red-Indian’s ceremonial dress.

Beginners Guide To Some Semi-Precious Stones That Can Be Used In JewelryIt was believed to have mystical powers and would change colors to warn the wearer of impending disease. The secret behind this however is quite simple, the color of the stone deteriorates when it is exposed to sun or heat.

3.      Amber

Typically, amber is honey brown in color, but there are instances where you can come across red and even green or blue amber. It is created by fossilized resin from conifer trees (now extinct) and pine trees. As such some amber is known to have fossilized insects within it and other impurities but commercial amber is pure.

Beginners Guide To Some Semi-Precious Stones That Can Be Used In JewelryIt is used in the manufacture of amulets, beads and other ornamental pieces. It is however very soft and thus needs special care.