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How to Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is among the most treasured items in a woman’s life. Every girl dreams of the moment that her betrothed will finally pop the question holding the most beautiful ring in hand. The pressure to find the perfect ring almost always falls upon the man in a relationship. However, there is no need for one to feel stressed out by this prospect. Here are some pointers that will lead you into getting the best ring for your fiancé.

How to Find The Perfect Engagement RingSample various engagement rings available in the market. This calls for the exercise of utmost patience. You would definitely want the engagement to be perfect; therefore, you cannot afford to mess up the surprise as a result of impatience. Take your time to visit various shops and comparing the different types of rings available. Ensure that your final decision arises from a wide and carefully considered selection.

How to Find The Perfect Engagement RingHave a general idea of the cut and size of ring you seek. This will help narrow down the search area thus saving time. It will also allow the jewelers to give informed opinions and pointers as to where to get the specific cut style sought. Knowing your fiancé’s taste in jewelry will also make the search easier. Find out what she likes to avoid a scenario where she is forced to accept the ring so as not to disappoint you and not because she loved it.

How to Find The Perfect Engagement RingGet your fiancée’s ring measurement in advance. This will enable you to get a correct ring size without spoiling the surprise. Sometimes, you would’ve found the perfect ring but it turns out to be a tad too large. Having this measurement will allow it to be resized to the appropriate fit within reasonable time.

How to Find The Perfect Engagement RingHaving a budget is important whilst searching for a ring. This will allow you to spend within your means. A budget also narrows down the ring search. Giving a jeweler your price range will enable him/her to give you good pointers to the most appropriate ring.

How to Find The Perfect Engagement RingEnjoying the search is a key factor. This is a start of something wonderful in your life; therefore, find it in yourself to enjoy the whole process. Do not allow yourself to be stressed out.  This should be an exciting and happy occasion. So psyche yourself up and enjoy the experience to the utmost! Following these pointers will definitely lead you to the most appropriate ring, and hopefully, a great engagement.

How to Find The Perfect Engagement Ring

Fast Facts to Know Before Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

Fast Facts to Know Before Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring

You just found your soul mate and now the only thing keeping you from sealing the deal is a proposal that will sweep her off her feet. Men, as we know, aren’t the ones who are really intellectually equipped in choosing the right engagement ring. As long as it has that big sparkling diamond rock that women drool over, they’ll buy it in an instant without even checking the quality and the design. For some, they paid a hefty amount of money expecting for a true genuine diamond but ended up with a fake sparkly rock instead. No one wants to be fooled and end up proposing to your soon-to-be fiancé with a fake ring.

Fast Facts to Know Before Buying a Diamond Engagement Ring So before buying an engagement ring that will probably change your life, know the facts first.  First, find out what kind of jewelries she like. Does she prefer silver or gold? Does she like classic jewelry or bold statement jewelry? Be knowledgeable of what she likes or dislikes in jewelries. Second, choose a design that will look good with her hands. If her fingers are short, opt for rings with an elongated diamond to make her fingers look sleek. If her fingers are long, a bold ring style is a good choice. Third, avoid buying a ring that doesn’t fit by knowing her ring size. You may ask someone close to her to help you out or just secretly borrow one of her rings and get it sized. Fourth, allot a certain budget for your purchase. Buying a real diamond engagement ring will not be cheap. Save up and budget your resources because splurging on the perfect diamond engagement ring is all worth it.

Fast Facts to Know Before Buying a Diamond Engagement RingAnother important thing to know is if the diamond is real or not. The easiest and most reliable way to know if it’s real and genuine is to have a trustworthy jeweler to check it. Though it is reliable, it isn’t the most convenient way and you need to pay for the service. If you’re still canvassing and looking around, there are a few simple ways to check if it’s real thing. Compare the diamond with a glass or quartz. A real diamond has a higher refractory index thus will sparkle more compared to glass or quartz. If you see rainbow reflections on the diamond, it’s probably a low-class diamond or a fake. You can also try fogging the diamond by putting it in front of your mouth. If the fog stays for a couple of seconds, it’s probably a fake diamond. A real diamond will instantly clear up by the time you look at it.

Fast Facts to Know Before Buying a Diamond Engagement RingNow that you know the important facts when buying a genuine diamond ring, you can now be confident to propose to your soon-to-be-wife.


Gold Jewelry Sets for Weddings with Elegant Pearl

Congratulations, you have finally decided to tie the knot with the one you love. That’s a big step, but it’s just the first of several as you prepare for your wedding day.

People close to you may have help you with some of the wedding preparation, but there is one thing that you can’t let someone else decide: the jewelry you’re going to wear.

Bridesmaid should choose something that fits their taste as well as the mood of the wedding itself. We’ve found some great gold jewelry sets for your wedding and this review will focus on those with pearl designs.Why pearl? Because for me, pearl is the best kind of jewelry to go with white wedding clothes.
Gold jewelry sets for weddings yellow gold
The combination of gold and pearls is perfect. Here, I have reviewed so many pearl jewelry designs, but it seems that I will never get tired of reviewing pearl jewelry. These jewelry pieces have a simple design with a simple shine, yet they’re really great and wonderful when combined with a white wedding dress.

As the most simple designs have already been reviewed on this site, let’s move on to some slightly more complex designs and vintage designs.

In the picture of the gold jewelry set for weddings below, you can see that vintage doesn’t mean plain. Vintage gold jewelry often has a detailed design ultimately shows the pride the wearer has on her big day.

Compared to the formal simple design above, this vintage design stands out more and will make you feel like a real queen on your special day. A lace dress look perfect with one of these jewelry sets. You can go with a lace set and tube design, because the necklace has a tight design and this way your neck will look slender and beautiful.
Gold jewelry sets for weddings
Gold jewelry sets for weddings vintage
If you want to go for something more luxurious, you could go for something like the design showed above. This has a really big pearl attached on each of the circles on the design.

This design is also completed with a tiara that looks like a tiara worn by Miss Universe. Well, you can look even more beautiful with that tiara. This luxury design is really good with the pave setting that surrounds the pearls. This is a perfect design for those of you who love luxury details and vintage setting gold jewelry sets for weddings in pearl.
Gold jewelry sets for weddings glam

Gemstones Engagement Rings Review

Engagement a ceremony that symbolizes the faith and promise to always be together and keep believing each other, tied the love using the ring. This would be perfect for engagement is done with romantic vibe. One of the ways to show the romantic side of you is using the pink color. Then, if you want fresh image you can go with green gemstones, if you want to show the seincere heart you need blue diamonds. The, what kind of thing should be prepared on a engagement day which will match concept. Let’s start from the basic of engagement, yes, can’t agree no more, the thing should be a ring. Ring would not be look wonderful without gold or silver, so we need to go with colorful concept in another way. Guess what, we have diamond on the ring. So, let’s see the gemstones engagement rings review bellow.
gemstone engagement rings
The first thing in choosing diamonds is the 3c, that’s cut, carat and clarity. All of those end with famous one word five letters pronounced as money. If you don’t have a problem with money, means you can afford any price of ring, then plenty designs are waiting you, but if you have limited cost to afford gemstones engagement rings, then you need to consider models, cut and the like to gain the best ring with the best price. Matching the taste and also the concept of engagement would be perfect too. We can’t go blindly to see the most glamour design, while we only have simple ceremony with friends and relatives. Fresh color can be found on green diamonds.
gemstone engagement rings green
As I told you before, that in choosing rings, there are three C that need to be considered, the cut, carat and clarity. The cut of the rings are includes princess cut, cushion cut, round cut, marquise cut and the like. The princess cut usually have the best clarity since the cut is a bit difficult and usually being attached using pave prongs setting. The cushion cut would look the most glamour one, as it usually wide and have big carat. The round cut is flexible, it can be in big designs and small designs on gemstones Engagement Rings.
blue sapphire ring kay jewelers

Blue Sapphire Rings Reviews

The blue color always bring the peaceful of blue sky and beach. The blue color always make us see through something which is unlimited, we never know where its end and the wide sight will always relieve us. This also work on the blue sapphire rings.

According to Moses, this sapphire rings symbolize the sincere and faithfulness. therefore, Prince Charles chose this ring to propose Lady Diana. Her ring was given by her oldest son Prince William when he got engaged with Kate Middleton. This design remains as trend for people, well to get the sincere and faithful image of course.
blue sapphire ring
Kay jeweler is a long time jeweler that believed to has several designs which is really wonderful. Look at this design of engagement with blue sapphire rings kay jewelers. This design has a quite big diamond in the center with a circle cut and paved rings on the next of it. I feel so mesmerized if seeing this luxurious design of the blue sapphire combined with the white gold.
blue sapphire ring kay jewelers
The next engagement rings with blue sapphire diamonds is coming from the shared setting line up. We got the stripes blue and platinum surrounds the ring and have a simple round cut brilliant diamond as the center of the ring.

If you think the whole ring just have 2ct diamond, then, you need to take back that words, because the shared setting has half of the ring filled with the brilliant diamonds in a small size. The small brilliant diamond will give the perfect shine of the ring when you wear that for outdoor events. Well, I need to admit, that this ring would be lovely in any case, whether it is outdoor or indoor activities.
blue sapphire ring stripes
The last design in the blue sapphire rings line up is the widely known tiffany look alike round cut blue diamond. This design is always look luxurious no matter the color used. The big round cut blue diamond is attached on the center of the ring and surrounded by the sphere line of brilliant small diamond and the solitaire is also filled with the brilliant diamond.
blue sapphire ring with diamond