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Diamond wedding bands for women in Platinum Collection by Blue Nile

I may have been reviewed so many collection on the diamond wedding band for women, since it is available in certain categories. I love the classic, vintage, and old fashion of jewelry, but of course with that kind of design we need to have a lot of money to afford that. The same applied on the jeweler wedding band. Once it got with designer, you know you will spend more on the wedding ring. Then, I try to find some kind of alternatives, not too cheap in price but we can save a bit. Then, I can see the jeweler shop is actually really abundant beside the big jeweler and find that Blue Nile got a quite good impression for me. So, let check out their line up in the diamond wedding bands for women in platinum design.

Diamond wedding bands for women platinum

Diamond wedding bands for women platinum

Why platinum again this days? This is just to make everything balance on my posting. I may have reviewed so much about white gold, just like white gold is the best. People start to think that the most discussed topic could be the best, while actually the number one in metal is Platinum. Then I’ll try to dig more about platinum design. All right , move to the diamond design on wedding band, especially from Blue Nile. This site is actually got the same base categories with Eternity. It has channel set, eternity and stackable or shared setting. Then, my favorite among all is the eternity wedding band. See, the first design on the diamond wedding band for women that I picked is the garland diamond eternity ring in platinum with 2.5 carat made in paved design. The diamonds are in different side and when you are wearing that you will see that the diamonds arranged looks without edge.
diamond wedding band

diamond wedding band

The same design come from eternity would be the paved again on the diamond wedding band for women ut here, they make something different by make some space between the paved ring and called it as the floating diamond eternity ring with platinum which has 2 carat. The price for those eternity ring showed in Nile Blue are starting from 4000 dollars and you can choose the white gold or other to reduce the price. That’s how eternity work isn’t?
Diamond wedding bands for women

Diamond wedding bands for women

Matching Wedding Bands in Exotic Black Diamond

Nothing is better than having matching wedding bands from your favorite jeweler. However, since I don’t know which is your personal favorite jeweler, I’m not going to try to guess which may your favorite. Instead, I just will give you a preview on something that I have never paired before.

I may have reviewed black diamond engagement and wedding rings, but only ones for women. You should know that these exotic rings are also available for men.

Lately I have been seeing some unique and luxury designs of black diamond rings, though not all of them are suitable for a wedding. So I will just show some matching weddings bands with exotic diamonds on the rings.
matching wedding ring
My selection on matching wedding bands in exotic black diamond is based on my belief that the black diamond is really cool and masculine.  The rings consist of many diamonds that form a really beautiful model.

In particular, when the black diamond is attached on the rings, the pattern becomes more and more appealing. In my opinion, the pair of rings with the black diamond attached is one of the most interesting matching wedding ring pairs among the pictures above.

The most unique design here is the matching wedding bands that have the purple square pattern on the bands. This is especially unique and appealing as the ring has the three diamonds on the center of the rings. The combination of purple bar, white gold, the black bar and the black diamonds on the center is really awesome.

Shown below are two stunning black wedding band pairs. On the left is the His & Her Black Plated Stainless Steel Bridal Ring Set & Titanium Wedding Band from Marimor Jewelry. The women’s ring is made from Zirconia stainless steel, while the men’s ring has a solid titanium center. The rings on the right are made by Zhenyul, and are great if you want something that looks gothic and unusual.

The design below is a heart promise pair of couple rings which is complete with a magnet on each side. So, whenever the two rings are near they can become one and form the shape of a complete heart. Each ring has half of the heart, and it’s really sweet to see the two rings become one, just like seeing two hearts become one.
mens wedding band love
Two other matching wedding bands are the ones shows below with blue diamonds. They have a really simple and elegant shape with three blue crystals on the center of the ring. This could be a perfect pair of rings for a couple because it they look like a real wedding rings.
matching wedding ring purple

Wedding band sets Ice Collection

New year for me means the new design and new store to be visited and see several collection to be reviewed. I have made my promise to start reviewing a product after the new year, and I will start right away from the first day in 2013. January is still holding the cold and white winter. This icy environment remind me to a jewelry store which got a range price $100 to over than $700 named Ice. I hope this store will give the cool bizarre for the other well known designer and show the world their best design and models. The first thing that I see from the store is the most popular design. However, I see that my readers are eager to something unique and different especially in this beginning of the year. Therefore, I go to the best rating section to see how best is the best of Ice product, let see Ice wedding bands sets for women.
wedding band sets bands three color
Ice, just like other jewelry store produce the jewelry from rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. They provide the service for matching jewelry, bridal, gifts, collections and personalized jewelry. Therefore you don’t have to be worried on the uniqueness of the ring, because this wedding band sets producer has the personalized section to fulfil your demand on the unique design. From what I see after entering the best rating wedding band, the three diamonds are the best. The price is over a thousand of dollars yet this classic band is being the top on the best rating wedding band. The next design that is interesting is the blue diamond wedding band sets. This blue diamonds are in paved settings and arranged in a line in the center of the rings. You may look at that and find nothing unique. However I can ensure you that this ring is really awesome and classic that will not fade by time.
wedding band sets
The next design is the unique shape of 1.3 carat diamond on white gold. This wedding band sets is really unique with a chain look alike, the chain consists of square, then oval, square atc with diamond attached on the center of each shape. A really wonderful breakthrough to have the circle of the ring being designed.
wedding band sets for women

Diamond wedding band : More review on the Band setting

I want to keep my promise so badly, so I want to give you the best information that I can give to you. Well, for so long we always see the diamond is always attached into the solitaire wedding ring, since the current trend follow the wedding ring that worn by the Hollywood stars. The trend even more booming as the Hollywood stars get their wedding ring spotted to be the most expensive wedding ring, even more than the wedding ring of the noble family in England. So, we can see that the trend to have the solitaire design on wedding rings is become so popular. However, for a common people like us, having wedding band is better. And since the diamonds now is not as rare as before, the diamond wedding band should be reviewed.
Diamond wedding band
All right, you may feel like, it’s going to be too much to have the diamond wedding band. As today’s trend to have the big diamond attached on the ring, the big diamond will not that good with the wide band. Therefore, some of designer choose to have the paved diamonds that filling the space of the wedding band. The width of the wedding band give the wider opportunity to design more on the wedding surface. It’s like a canvass, so bigger canvas will give the bigger chance for the designer to draw their creativity. I won’t mention a name of jeweler, but lately I saw the diamond wedding band with the paved railway road. Not as weird as the name, but it’s even amazing and wonderful. A combination of paved on each side in top and bottom and three diamond on the center.
Diamond wedding band perfe infinite
The next design that really work well with diamond wedding band is the wave paved diamonds. The space is left to be like that and the diamonds are arranged into the two waves that will form infinite symbols on the surface of the band. I also fall for the rings on the band, so its like the wedding band is a rod and the rings are placed finely and completely closed the surface of the wedding band. A new design of the wedding band, but since the brilliant diamonds are so numerous to make this kind of bands, the price is really high.
Diamond wedding band infinite