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Celtic Wedding Bands Gaelic Designs

If you happen to have Irish blood, your spouse might come from Ireland or you two just a really hard fan of sort of historical romance book that usually potrays life of people in Ireland, you may want to have the celtic wedding bands as the wedding ring on your special day. The Irish wedding bands are usually having a really deep meanings. I searched out many of Irish or Celtic wedding bands seller and I quite satisfied with MyIrishJewelry.Com. As the importer of Irish wedding band. They have a quite complete design, even the one that I previously have no idea at all, and the rings are available in white, yellow gold, two colors, with trim and without trim.

There are actually a lot of design from Claddagh, Gaelic, Book of Kells, Celtic knot, Trinity, Warrior, Celtic Cross wedding ring, Newgrange, Ogham design. They also provide metals such as Palladium, Platinum, gold and diamonds design.
celtic wedding bands
To celebrate the New Year, I want to review on of the design of Celtic Wedding Band. A for today I will just pick one of the design that for me looks so adorable which is the Gaelic Wedding band. What is Gaelic by the way. This is a band that have native language engraved on the body of the rings. They usually engraved the mother tongue language, as it is not really popular anymore. The Celtic script that I take in this review is the popular Mo Anam Cara. Can I guess the meaning? It is not stated in the website but I’m pretty sure that the meaning is I love you. So, you will have the traditional wedding band as well as the deep meaning delivered.
celtic wedding bands yellow
The Celtic script that is engraved on the body of the Celtic Wedding bands is not just Mon Anam Cara, there are a lot more like Gra Go Deo. And don’t expect that Irish using our alphabet, they have their own, so for far, the rings look so adorable, unique and classy. The ring is available in trim or without trim. The engraved words are closed by the rope alike picture on that. This makes the classy design looks more thick on the wedding band.
celtic wedding bands trim two tones

Claddagh wedding ring Meaningful Design for You

The claddagh ring or widely known with the heart and crown ring. I have reviewed this ring with the meaning of the unique design of the claddagh ring and I have mentioned that this ring could also deliver message about the current marriage status of the woman wearing this, the design of this ring included the blue cobalt and another celtic design. Since this is a modern way, I don’t think people will believe to the message delivered by how you wear the ring. Instead, we have this ring to make us proud of the Irish heritage and respect the design.To show the more respect and proud of being Irish, well other people also do this, they are having the the claddagh wedding ring as the official wedding ring on their special day. Why would they use the ring for that?
claddagh wedding ring pave diamond
This ring is firstly made by Richard Joyce in 1700’s in Ireland even though another jeweler claimed the first claddagh design was made firstly by Thomas Meade at the same time.In this time the heart and crown ring is simbolized a pride of irish. This ring is even featured in a  movie like Buffy and the vampire Slayer and The Doors. So you know that this ring is really famous,beside that this ring features a good meaning. As I looked on that this ring symbolize the love that is best described with the heart symbol, then friendship with the hands and the loyalty that is described with the crown. If we relate those meanings with the wedding message, with claddagh wedding ring the ring reminds the groom and bride to always love each other. be loyal by being so faithful to the couple and always have a good relationship just like friendship. It’s no wonder people now look back at this design because the meaning is really strong.
claddagh wedding ring pink set
So, are you still questioning why people choose the claddagh wedding ring? Why don’t they use this classic and uniwue design. Lately the design of claddagh become so various. You may choose the one with the diamond on the heart, could be in brilliant diamond, pink diamond, even in classic style.claddagh wedding ring

Irish Wedding Rings, Keep Elegant With Engraved Style

Irish wedding rings has special and unique signature design. The rings comes in plain, without any addition on gemstones, brilliant diamonds or even pearl. The rings are solely made from white gold, or yellow gold, or even silver and they do some kind of ornament on the rings. Then you will see that Irish ring is so rich of traditional scent, it is also rich of meaning and importantly the engraved style give the unique vibe on each of the pattern on the ring. The pattern engraved on the ring usually is a square rope or circle rope that is entangled made into a kind of bone, somehow like the infinite symbol, or eight number look alike but in numerous time. Usually the space of the ring is left into the hole, so the pattern is cut exactly on the edge of the picture. This is an absolute 3D design.
irish wedding ring
There are actually 2 kind of design that is really famous as irish wedding rings. The first one is irish traditional ring that I have described before and the second one is the ring that symbolize love, friendship and loyalty, the claddagh rings. The second ring is really unique that they make engraved style with a style in present day. The love is symbolized in heart, the friendship is symbolized with the hands holding the heart and the loyalty is symbolized with the crown above the heart. Therefore, sometime people call it as love, crown and hands rings. They are available more luxury than the previous one, since the designers are quite playful by adding the gemstones on the crown and heart.
irish wedding ring unique
irish wedding ring claddagh
So, whichever your choice on the irish wedding rings, I’m sure that you will look so elegant on your wedding day. The rings from irish are cool and elegant by nature. They have the unbeatable classic feeling that always make us hypnotized. The classic love, symbolized in the classic wedding ring is really perfect for you on your wedding day. Especially if you have Irish blood, I guess it is a must for you to wear the Irish wedding rings to show the dignity of Ireland. The pride of Ireland will always shine with the beautiful and wonderful ring designs.
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