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10 Valentine’s Day Bracelet Ideas

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Here are 10 great Valentine’s Day bracelet ideas for the special woman in your life.


“I love you to the moon and back” Bracelet

“I love you to the moon and back.” A beautiful promise to any lady that is near and dear to your heart. The engraved faceplate of the bracelet is made from alloy metal, while the band is a fashionable black faux-leather with a sliding knot closure.

This bracelet works not only as a Valentine’s Day gift, but as a wedding gift, Christmas gift, New Year’s gift – the choices and opportunities are endless through this sentimental piece of jewelry.


Wrap Leather Bracelets Valentine’s Day Bracelet

A thoughtful gift for anyone you want to wish peace to, this leather wrap bracelet by Wrap Leather Bracelets has several layers to give any loved one an interesting dimension to their wrists, big or small.

It has several colors and beads attached, guarded safely by a sliding knot closure. As an added bonus, this bracelet comes with a velveteen box for easy Valentine’s Day wrapping.


Alex and Ani Infinite Love Wrap Bangle Bracelet

Alex and Ani strikes again with another beautiful bangle made in the United States. This hand-made bracelet was created to show that your love is forever with a brass infinity sign scripted with ‘love’ on the side.

This bracelet also comes with a bag to keep it in when it’s not being worn to prevent aging.


Kate Spade New York “How Charming” Valentine’s Day Charm Bracelet

“How charming!” That’s what people will say when they see your How Charming bracelet from Kate Spade.

This charm bracelet is made from brass and plated in gold, and comes with two crystal-studded charms and one enameled charm already with it. It has a lobster-claw closure and is completely customizable for any season.


ISHOW for Valentine’s Day Gifts Couple Bracelets His and Hers Lover Bracelet Key and Lock Bracelet

These couple’s bracelets are an excellent choice for your male or female partner if you want to share your love with the world. Both bands are made from satin and acrylic, with an adjustable length of about 19cm, and each bead is individually carved by hand.

Each bracelet comes with a matching lock and key made from copper, so that each pair of bracelets are unique to each other.


TOUS Valentine’s Day Diamond Key Bracelet

TOUS’s Valentine’s Day Diamond Key Bracelet, sold by Reeds Jewelers, is a top-shelf gift for that very special lady in your life.

It comes equipped with a genuine leather cord that is adjustable from 1 to 9 inches and an 18k yellow gold key in the middle which is adorned with a heart-shaped diamond and a cutout of TOUS’s iconic bear.


Valentine’s Day Gift Diamond Couple Bracelet ES172

If you’ve been looking for a more masculine Valentine’s Day gift, RETOP has put forward an excellent choice. It’s titanium steel plates and chunky chains are sure to fit that special man in your life.

This bracelet’s geometric design, discreet jewel, and “True love” engraving is sure to please.


Valentine’s Day Gifts Set Necklace & Bracelet XOXO Two Tone

A thorough gift requires more than just one item, right? Why not kill two birds with one stone with SilverStars two-toned necklace and bracelet set and set your lady’s heart on fire. The silver and gold coated links are shaped as X’s and O’s to ensure that she has your hugs and kisses wherever she goes.

The necklace measures 17.5 inches while the bracelet measures to 7.5 inches, and both come with a secure fold over clip closure.


ChongErfei Valentine’s Day Gift- Square Crystal Tennis Bracelet for Women

Simplicity can sometimes be the most beautiful, and this squared crystal tennis bracelet is just that: beautiful. It is made from medical grade stainless steel to compliment the outfit of any lady with sensitive skin or metal allergies, though it certainly doesn’t look it.

Dress it up or dress it down, this bracelet comes in a variety of colors, making it the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. It even ships from the United States through Amazon.


Alex and Ani Romance Hearts Wrap Rafaelian Bangle Bracelet

This beautiful Alex and Ani’s Heart Wrap Bangle is made in the United States from copper, finished in their Rafaelian gold to reflect the beauty and value of this bracelet. It is comprised of interlocking hearts through the full length of this bangle, both fitting and appealing to that special woman in your life, no matter her wrist size.

The  handmade Alex and Ani Romance Hearts Wrap Rafaelian Bangle Bracelet comes with a soft bag for storage, helping to slow the aging process.

Alex and Ani Bracelet Reviews

Alex and Ani bracelets are fun items to have in your jewelry collection and can be worn with anything. They have a charm for just about any occasion, and each charm has a meaning, making them perfect as personalized gifts. You can even help support charity by buying a bracelet through their Charity by Design initiative.

Alex and Ani regularly release new bracelets, so you can change every season and collect them. Another great thing about them is they’re made and designed in the USA!


Are Alex and Ani Bracelets good value?

Alex and Ani jewelry is reasonably priced. Their bracelets aren’t the cheapest out there, but they are by no means expensive. Alex and Ani bracelets are durable and are made in America, so while they might seem slightly expensive they are worth it.


Are Alex and Ani bracelets durable?

In general, Alex and Ani bracelets are durable and keep their shape well, though they won’t last forever. If you wear your Alex and Ani bracelet all the time, it will eventually tarnish and lose its shine. Sometimes the color simply fades, while at other times it is possible for the enamel to peel off.

You should avoid putting your bangle in contact with water, chemicals and humidity if you want to prolong its life. If your bracelet does start to lose its shine, consider getting a jewelry cleaner machine to restore it to its former glory.

One common issue with Alex and Ani bracelets is the charms falling off, though this shouldn’t happen if you are careful.


What kind of metal are Alex and Ani bracelets made from?

Some Alex and Ani bracelets are made from sterling silver and are gold plated. These bracelets are more durable and higher quality than other Alex and Ani bracelets which use recycled metal.


Read on for our reviews of some of the most popular Alex and Ani bracelets…

Alex and Ani Birth Month Bangle

This bracelet is made from brass and comes with a birthstone corresponding to the month you were born in. It can be adjusted to fit the wearer’s hand. It usually comes in a nice box with a certification letter, making it ideal as a gift.

The Alex and Ani Birth Month Bangle is a very pretty bracelet, though it’s not made from sterling silver and looks somewhat cheap compared to most other A&A bracelets.


Alex and Ani Tree of Life III Expandable Rafaelian Bangle

This handmade bracelet features a “Tree of Life” pendant and is made from recycled copper. The Tree of Life can symbolize wisdom and knowledge, or the interconnectedness of life in general. It could be a great gift for your mom to symbolize how she gave you life and grew your family.

Like other Alex and Ani bracelets, the Tree of Life III Expandable Rafaelian Bangle expands automatically to fit the size of your wrist, so you don’t need to worry about buying the right size.


Alex and Ani Euphrates Beaded Bangle

The Alex and Ani Euphrates Beaded Bangle is a beaded bracelet made from recycled brass in the USA.  It’s a shiny and classy bracelet that looks great with both formal and casual outfits.

This bracelet uses a thin, flexible wire rather than the tougher, thicker wires used on some other Alex and Ani bracelets. This means you’ll need to be especially careful not to break it. One important thing to note is that you can’t add charms to this bracelet, so it’s not the right bracelet if you want to personalize it by adding extra charms.


Alex and Ani Spiritual Armor Plume Bangle

This bracelet has a unique plume feather design and comes with three Alex and Ani charms. Like other Alex and Ani bracelets, it has an expandable design that adjusts to fit the wearer’s wrist. It’s a beautiful bracelet, but is quite fragile, so you need to be careful when wearing it.

The feather is intricately detailed with great craftsmanship and will look gorgeous on your wrist. Like all Alex and Ani bracelets, the Spiritual Armor Plume Bangle would make a very special gift.


Alex and Ani “Charity By Design” Best Friends Bracelet Set

This pair of bracelets is designed for you to share with your best friend. Both bracelets have a “Best Friend” pendant plus three other charms. These bracelets can be adjusted up to a diameter of 3.25 inches.

The Alex and Ani Best Friends Bracelet Set would make a great gift for your best friend as a symbol of your friendship. What’s more, this bracelet is part of the “Charity by Design” range, which means that Alex and Ani donate a percentage of the price paid to charity.

Tips for Selecting Jewelry to Accentuate One’s Shape

Just like when choosing the right clothes and hairstyles that accentuates one’s shape and best features, so does selecting jewelry. Most people might be surprised to find out that one’s shape would play a great role in finding the best jewelry that would make them look more elegant and glamorous. Just like when choosing clothes, the right jewelry would flatter one’s shape and make them look their best. Finding balance when choosing jewelry is key to finding a flattering piece. For those with a large frame, large pieces of jewelry will work out fine whereas those with small frames should go for smaller jewelry pieces in order to achieve balance.

Tips for Selecting Jewelry to Accentuate One’s Shape

Women with short necks, big shoulders, large busts and round faces should go for jewelry that are long in length to make up for their shortcomings. In order to give the illusion of a longer neck, one can go for drop earrings which are usually very long in nature. Long necklaces deviate attention from one’s short neck while making the face look longer than it actually is. Another way to go is layer necklaces of different lengths to draw away attention from one’s short neck. This also makes the neck look longer.

Tips for Selecting Jewelry to Accentuate One’s Shape

People in the shape of pears have larger hips and smaller busts hence they need to make up for the smaller upper parts of their body. They need to drive attention from their large hips to the upper parts of their body and they can achieve this by wearing jewelry pieces that are not just chunky but also have different textures. The earrings should be brightly colored and feature bold patterns to attract attention. This makes the person in question appear proportional since not so much focus is on the large hips.

Tips for Selecting Jewelry to Accentuate One’s Shape

Women in the shape of a brick or rectangle do not have waistlines as they look like they blocks. Their main aim is to create an illusion of a small waist in order to deviate attention from other parts of the body that is blocked in shape. Though most jewelry can work out well for those with this kind of shape, they can use belts to accessorize their outfits and accentuate their shapes. Having colored belts, chain belts or even using scarves as belts will work just fine to draw attention to the person’s waist area. Curvy women with an hourglass shape do not need jewelry to conceal their flaws as any kind of jewelry will work for them. All they got to do is ensure that they choose jewelry that is proportional to their body frame.

Tips for Selecting Jewelry to Accentuate One’s Shape

How to Buy and Care for Gold Jewelry

Gold is expensive and purchasing gold jewelry should be a process which is carefully undertaken. Gold jewelry comes in form of wedding rings and bands, bracelets, anklets, necklaces and even earrings. Here is all you need to know about buying gold jewelry.

How to Buy and Care for Gold Jewelry

Firstly, one needs to work with a budget because gold items tend to be expensive. If you want to purchase a gold engagement ring for your spouse, you should consider saving beforehand. You may also need money to pay for the services of a professional jeweller if you intend on getting customised jewelry.

How to Buy and Care for Gold Jewelry

Before you go to a jewelry shop, you need to research on gold and the price ranges. Gold is measured in carats and depending on the alloy with which the jewelry is made, you will be expected to pay different prices for your jewelry pieces. Apart from the weight and pricing, it is also advisable that you consider the cut and setting of the gold jewelry before you purchase it.

How to Buy and Care for Gold Jewelry

It is recommended that you do not just go to any jeweler for gold jewelry. It is important that you inquire around and get recommendations from your friends or family on a trusted jeweller. If you intend to but your gold jewelry online, make sure that the online store is a reputable one too to avoid being conned.

How to Buy and Care for Gold Jewelry

Most people would not mind getting gold jewelry for a gift but you need to know the personal style of the wearer before buying the piece. Nowadays, there are also different ways of personalising the jewelry to suit the taste and fashion sense of the wearer.

How to Buy and Care for Gold Jewelry

Once you buy your gold jewelry, it is important to take care of it in the most appropriate way. It is advisable that you take off your gold jewelry pieces such as rings when you go to sleep. The same should apply to instances where your jewelry may come into contact with harsh chemicals and soaps. It is equally important to store your gold jewelry separately from other jewelry made from other metals. This is to ensure that your gold is not scratched and that it retains its shine.

How to Buy and Care for Gold Jewelry

The Best Tips for Choosing Bracelets

The fact that bracelets are unique and rarely worn, clearly shows why they are very trendy in the fashion world. Women have various kinds of bracelets to choose from since they come in different colors, designs, styles, sizes and even made from distinct materials. Though most bracelets can be worn on any occasion, they can be customized for specific events such as formal parties or even weddings. People have different tastes and preferences when it comes to choosing the right jewelry and in terms of bracelets, the material it is made of must be put into consideration in order to choose the best.

The Best Tips for Choosing BraceletsThe best material a bracelet is made of is the one that either maintains or increases its cost value over time. Some of the materials in the market used to make bracelets are stones, pearl, wood, leather, shells, silver, stainless steel and even beads among other kinds of materials. Style is also important in choosing the bracelet to buy and what to wear with it. Whereas those made of gold match certain attires, they might not go well with others. The size of the bracelet should be proportional to the body size of the person intending to wear it.

The Best Tips for Choosing BraceletsThe bracelet should be comfortable when worn. This means that it should neither be too tight nor too loose on the wearer. In case one is considering to purchase the bracelet from a physical jewelry store, they can easily try them on in order to select the best that is most comfortable. For those being purchased online, the buyer should know the right size of bracelet that fits them in order to get a bracelet of the right size shipped to them. In order to get the right measurement, one has to measure their wrist size since that is where the bracelets are worn.

The Best Tips for Choosing BraceletsA good bracelet is one that can easily be worn without needing any assistance. This can be determined from the links and clasps of bracelets. The cost of purchasing a bracelet cannot be overlooked since one can only buy what they can afford. Normally, the price of a bracelet is influenced by the material it is made of. For instance, gold bracelets are worth more than wooden or even beaded bracelets. Shopping for bracelets online come with convenience, affordability and a wide variety of bracelets to select.

The Best Tips for Choosing Bracelets