Caring for Pearl Earrings

Caring for Pearl Earrings

Pearls are usually formed when a parasite or sand gets stuck inside an oyster, in its mantle tissue. It takes about two to three years for a pearl to be formed to completion. Whether you buy black, yellow, cream or white pearls, you need to choose determine real pearls from fake ones. Once you get your pearl earrings, make sure that you use these tips to prolong their life.Caring for Pearl Earrings

Due to their delicate nature, pearls need to be cleaned carefully. When cleaning your pearl earrings, you should work on a secured surface to avoid the earrings rolling over and getting damaged. Using a soft tissue or lint-free piece of cloth and warm water, gently rub the pearls to remove dirt. This can be done once every year.

Caring for Pearl Earrings If there is too much dirt accumulated on your earring, you can soak it in warm water containing a mild detergent. It is advisable that you only soak the pearls for a period not more than thirty minutes. Rinse the detergent and remaining dirt using warm water. After rinsing your pearls upon soaking, you need to let them dry. Since pearls are porous, you need to let them dry for up to forty-eight hours. When drying them, place them on a piece of clean cloth.

Caring for Pearl Earrings Pearls should be protected from body sprays or perfumes, oil and sweat. These can damage your pearls and lessen their life. It is recommended that you put on your makeup or style your hair before you put on your pearl earrings. You should also avoid spraying any chemical directly on your skin while you have your earrings on. One should also avoid wearing their pearl earrings when sunbathing or near Jacuzzis.

Pearls need to be stored cautiously to avoid them being damaged. When purchasing pearl earrings you may be given a soft cloth pouch to store them in. If you do not have one you should consider buying one or two. Storing pearls in airtight containers is not recommended because they might crack due to drying out. The same applies to pearls which are stored near a source of heat. Always store your pearl earrings in a cool place.Caring for Pearl Earrings


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