Best Jewelry for a Navy Blue Dress

Navy blue has always been one of the most stylish and elegant colors. Navy blue is slimming and a dress in this color will suit any body shape. Navy blue is a great choice when you want to look smart and formal. It’s also a popular color for bridesmaid’s dresses.

If you are attending a formal dinner or business event, you will want to be subtle, perhaps with a thin gold necklace and small drop earrings. If you’re attending an event like a wedding, you will want to go for a bolder look with larger and more eye-catching jewelry.

Here are some ideas for accessorizing a navy blue dress with jewelry.


Gold jewelry

Gold provides an excellent contrast to navy blue, and gold jewelry will really stand out when worn with a navy blue dress. Gold and navy blue is a classic combination.

The delicate 14K Solid Yellow Gold Box Chain Necklace shown below would look stunning with a navy dress.

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Silver jewelry

For a more understated and contemporary look, consider accessorizing your navy blue dress with silver jewelry.

The ultra-thin Italian sterling silver necklace shown below would be a great choice for wearing to formal events. This feminine piece is imported from Italy by Designer Sterling Silver. Despite being thin and delicate, the chain is strong and sturdy.

For something more adventurous, check out the Sterling Silver Filigree Teardrop Earrings shown below. These beautiful dangly earrings have an attractive swirling pattern.

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Turquoise jewelry

For a more summery and playful look, try turquoise jewelry with your navy blue dress.

The Suyi Exquisite Turquoise Pendant Necklace is a cheap yet stylish necklace that would be perfect for accessorizing a navy blue dress.

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