Basic Ideas on Purchasing Jewelry Made of Diamond

There are four major factors used to value a diamond and commonly known as the four C’s. These are cut, color, carat as well as the clarity of the gemstone. The cut of the diamond is the manner in which it is designed or fashioned, the color grading ranges from colorless to yellow, the carat is the weight of the diamond and its clarity is how clear or flawless the piece of diamond is. A piece of diamond of high clarity is clear, meaning it has no inclusions (fine lines or even spots) within it.

Basic Ideas on Purchasing Jewelry Made of DiamondThe carat or weight of a diamond is measured in terms of fractions or even decimals and the former can represent an array of weights. For instance, the weight of a half a carat of diamond jewellery would range from 0.47 to 0.54 carats. It is important to note that diamond carats measured in fractions are usually not exact. Despite the fact that cubic Zirconia is an imitate of diamond due to the similarity in their appearance, the former costs much less than the latter.

Basic Ideas on Purchasing Jewelry Made of DiamondThere are other gemstones created in labs that resemble diamond just like the one named above, hence one should ensure that their jeweler only uses the current equipment to test for genuine diamond. This ensures that buyers invests in real diamonds and not imitates. Before buying diamond jewelry, one must find out what constitutes real diamond and what is used to weigh their value. Knowing what a jeweler uses to grade their diamonds and the experience they have doing the same is also important in making the right decision. If possible, one should seek for a second opinion.

Basic Ideas on Purchasing Jewelry Made of DiamondA diamond must be viewed under the magnification of a microscope and not on a black background. This is due to the fact that black is known to alter the eye’s perception of color. Conduct a thorough research and comparison of diamonds on sale in different jewelry shops before coming to a final decision. It is also important to know what makes up the four C’s and how to scrutinize and evaluate them. Ensure that the diamonds you choose are treated with lasers or even filled with fractures; this ensures that the gemstone’s general appearance is greatly enhanced.

Basic Ideas on Purchasing Jewelry Made of DiamondEverything concerning the diamond and its sale must be put down in writing in the form of a contract or even receipt to act as the buyer’s evidence of what they have purchased. The buyer should also get the original certificates associated with the diamond and must go through all the guarantees as well as warranties that come with purchasing the jewelry.

Basic Ideas on Purchasing Jewelry Made of Diamond


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