Anklets: How to Choose and Wear Yours

Anklets have been worn by women since time immemorial. In Persia, anklets were worn with other decorations. Ankle chains are also mentioned in the Bible and were worn by women as ornaments. Nowadays, anklets are popular and worn with ladies of all ages. You can even purchase an anklet for your new born baby.

Anklets: How to Choose and Wear YoursAnkle chains come in different variations like gold and leather, string or silver and platinum. Ankle chains worn by Indian women are usually made of gold, beads and other precious stones. In India, women wear their anklets to signify their entry into their matrimonial homes. For some, like scuba divers, anklets are worn to prevent their legs from floating. In other cultures, anklets are just worn to draw attention to one’s legs. These anklets are usually made of lead.

Anklets: How to Choose and Wear YoursAnkle chains also vary in size and weight. For scuba divers, anklets are usually heavy for the purpose of preventing their legs from floating. Anklets for decoration purposes tend to be lighter and loose depending on one’s taste. The material with which the ankle chain is made will also determine the weight.

Anklets: How to Choose and Wear YoursAnklets are pricy or cheap depending on the material with which they are made of. Expensive anklets are not only ornate but they also speak of wealth and class. Hemp or plastic anklets on the other hand, tend to be cheaper and less ornate.

Anklets: How to Choose and Wear YoursIf you are looking for a gift to present to a girlfriend, you can surprise her with an anklet. You do not have to buy the anklet as there are many ways of making one yourself. All you need is several beads and a strong piece of string to secure the beads together. Before you make an anklet, though, you may have to research on your friend’s taste as well as her ankle measurements.

Anklets: How to Choose and Wear YoursTaking care of your anklet is also important. Depending on the stone or metal with which it is made of, make sure that you clean it appropriately. It is also advisable that you take off your anklet whenever you are working or walking on a dirty surface. You also have to store them well when you are not wearing them.Anklets: How to Choose and Wear Yours



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