Alex and Ani Bracelet Reviews

Alex and Ani bracelets are fun items to have in your jewelry collection and can be worn with anything. They have a charm for just about any occasion, and each charm has a meaning, making them perfect as personalized gifts. You can even help support charity by buying a bracelet through their Charity by Design initiative.

Alex and Ani regularly release new bracelets, so you can change every season and collect them. Another great thing about them is they’re made and designed in the USA!


Are Alex and Ani Bracelets good value?

Alex and Ani jewelry is reasonably priced. Their bracelets aren’t the cheapest out there, but they are by no means expensive. Alex and Ani bracelets are durable and are made in America, so while they might seem slightly expensive they are worth it.


Are Alex and Ani bracelets durable?

In general, Alex and Ani bracelets are durable and keep their shape well, though they won’t last forever. If you wear your Alex and Ani bracelet all the time, it will eventually tarnish and lose its shine. Sometimes the color simply fades, while at other times it is possible for the enamel to peel off.

You should avoid putting your bangle in contact with water, chemicals and humidity if you want to prolong its life. If your bracelet does start to lose its shine, consider getting a jewelry cleaner machine to restore it to its former glory.

One common issue with Alex and Ani bracelets is the charms falling off, though this shouldn’t happen if you are careful.


What kind of metal are Alex and Ani bracelets made from?

Some Alex and Ani bracelets are made from sterling silver and are gold plated. These bracelets are more durable and higher quality than other Alex and Ani bracelets which use recycled metal.


Read on for our reviews of some of the most popular Alex and Ani bracelets…

Alex and Ani Birth Month Bangle

This bracelet is made from brass and comes with a birthstone corresponding to the month you were born in. It can be adjusted to fit the wearer’s hand. It usually comes in a nice box with a certification letter, making it ideal as a gift.

The Alex and Ani Birth Month Bangle is a very pretty bracelet, though it’s not made from sterling silver and looks somewhat cheap compared to most other A&A bracelets.


Alex and Ani Tree of Life III Expandable Rafaelian Bangle

This handmade bracelet features a “Tree of Life” pendant and is made from recycled copper. The Tree of Life can symbolize wisdom and knowledge, or the interconnectedness of life in general. It could be a great gift for your mom to symbolize how she gave you life and grew your family.

Like other Alex and Ani bracelets, the Tree of Life III Expandable Rafaelian Bangle expands automatically to fit the size of your wrist, so you don’t need to worry about buying the right size.


Alex and Ani Euphrates Beaded Bangle

The Alex and Ani Euphrates Beaded Bangle is a beaded bracelet made from recycled brass in the USA.  It’s a shiny and classy bracelet that looks great with both formal and casual outfits.

This bracelet uses a thin, flexible wire rather than the tougher, thicker wires used on some other Alex and Ani bracelets. This means you’ll need to be especially careful not to break it. One important thing to note is that you can’t add charms to this bracelet, so it’s not the right bracelet if you want to personalize it by adding extra charms.


Alex and Ani Spiritual Armor Plume Bangle

This bracelet has a unique plume feather design and comes with three Alex and Ani charms. Like other Alex and Ani bracelets, it has an expandable design that adjusts to fit the wearer’s wrist. It’s a beautiful bracelet, but is quite fragile, so you need to be careful when wearing it.

The feather is intricately detailed with great craftsmanship and will look gorgeous on your wrist. Like all Alex and Ani bracelets, the Spiritual Armor Plume Bangle would make a very special gift.


Alex and Ani “Charity By Design” Best Friends Bracelet Set

This pair of bracelets is designed for you to share with your best friend. Both bracelets have a “Best Friend” pendant plus three other charms. These bracelets can be adjusted up to a diameter of 3.25 inches.

The Alex and Ani Best Friends Bracelet Set would make a great gift for your best friend as a symbol of your friendship. What’s more, this bracelet is part of the “Charity by Design” range, which means that Alex and Ani donate a percentage of the price paid to charity.

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